Many of our guests over the last ten years will remember our grandson, Harry who used to be around the hotel regularly, particularly when his mum, Lucy worked at the Welbeck.

Anyone with whom he became engaged in conversation (and there are many!) will have immediately ascertained that from a very young age, he was absolutely obsessed with cars!

Shockingly, he turned 10 years of age (as would have his twin Christopher) on the 18th April, by Monday, he was having driving lessons and on Sunday 25th, he made his debut in the Stock Car Racing at Onchan Park in a fantastic car (with gears and everything,) prepared by his dad, Lee.

Here he is in action, car 118. Video on Facebook

His class has children up to the age of 16, so he has a little growing room yet but even at this early stage, he wasn’t the slowest and he was chaging gear and using his mirrors! A couple of minor scratches but that’s the name of the game.

Here he is, practising a few years earlier!