We had a family outing and walked from Port Erin to the Calf Sound along the Raad ny Foillan (literally translated as the Road of the Gull, the IOM coastal footpath travels 95 miles around the Island, mostly very close to the sea) which is one of the most beautiful sections, though there are many others of varied scenery which I could make an argument to be the best on any given day. The track is accessed by going behind the old Marine Biological Centre building, a little past the RNLI boathouse and slipway which is on the left hand side of the bay looking from the land side.

Our grandson, Harry wasn’t best pleased that we had decided to put him through this torture, so the going was very slow and the 3.2km (two miles-ish) took us over an hour, though normally this would only take us 35-40 minutes or so.  There are parts of the journey where you have to clamber over a few rocks, so you have to be reasonably nimble on your feet to take this one on but it isn’t exactly mountaineering. Some of the hills are a little steep, so you need to be just a little bit fit.

I imagine he looked a little more enthused, winning his first stock car races this week!

Having reached the Calf Sound, Irene & myself opted for the Seafood Chowder which was excellent while Lucy and Harry feasted on ice cream. At this stage, we noticed that the bus had pulled in, so the younger members of our team opted for a ride home.

We decided to return to Port Erin along the road, so we walked up to Cregneash, then turned left, over the top back to Port Erin. At this point it is possible to visit the Meayll (pronounced Mull) Circle which is a little like a minute Stone Henge without the balancing acts, and also there are great views in all directions from on top the WW2 buildings.

It is a little further in distance back to Port Erin but quicker because you are walking on the tarmac (And no press ganged child to slow us down) with lovely vistas of both sides of the peninsula and Bradda Head, Hill, Reayrt Ny Beinney and Cronk-ny-Arrey-Laa.

The return journey takes you around the other side of Ballaman which was built by Nigel Mansell when he lived here in the 80s but now owned by John Whittaker, one of the Isle of Man’s richest residents.

To end up on the side of the Promenade that you set off from, you turn left at the Darragh and down the little path that brings you out just by the Bay Hotel.

You’ll be glad to know that Harry was much happier on the beach and in the sea!

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