Many of our guests over the last ten years will remember our grandson, Harry who used to be around the hotel regularly, particularly when his mum, Lucy worked at the Welbeck.

Anyone with whom he became engaged in conversation (and there are many!) will have immediately ascertained that from a very young age, he was absolutely obsessed with cars!

Shockingly, he turned 10 years of age (as would have his twin Christopher) on the 18th April, by Monday, he was having driving lessons and on Sunday 25th, he made his debut in the Stock Car Racing at Onchan Park in a fantastic car (with gears and everything,) prepared by his dad, Lee.

Here he is in action, car 118. Video on Facebook

His class has children up to the age of 16, so he has a little growing room yet but even at this early stage, he wasn’t the slowest and he was chaging gear and using his mirrors! A couple of minor scratches but that’s the name of the game.

Here he is, practising a few years earlier!

We are open once again for restaurant meals, just Friday to Sunday at the start but hoping to extend to the full week once again soon (though we will open for parties of ten or more on the other days of the week.)

See our new  sample Dinner menu and also a fresh Sweets & Desserts April 21

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A few weeks ago, we took a walk along Ballure Promenade to Port Lewaigue at the beginning of this period of lovely weather. It is part of the Raad-ny-Foillan at the spouth side of Ramsey.

Incidentally, regular visitors to the Island will be pleased to know that progress is being made on the restoration of the pier. It is mainly privately funded and the work is being done by volunteers.

Their website is here or their Facebook page is here

The river in question flows dowjn from Ballure Reservoir which is a beautiful spot on the TT course, from where you can also climb North Barrule. I wonder is the similarity between the two names, coincidence or a quirk of the Manx Language? Perhaps, we have a Manx scholar who can illuminate us?

We look forward to welcoming Sunday Lunch customers old and new from 2nd May!


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To see a sample Sunday Lunch Menu, see below. (Prices of the Sweets & Desserts are included in the 2 or 3 course choice)

Sunday Lunch Menu Sweets & Desserts April 21

(Don’t Panic! The chips are out of shot!)

Although the hotel is open for Bed & Breakfast this weekend 23rd April, we have decided to leave the restaurant until the following Friday.

There will be a new menu too! So keep watching our Facebook page and here and it should be up by Monday at the latest!

Dear Customers(Past & Future.)

After a turbulent 13 months, the last 5 months of which we were closed, we are now ready again to welcome guests from Friday!

We are commencing in a small way, only opening Friday, Saturday & Sunday until the demand is there to escalate. The restaurant service begins at 5pm until 9pm for dinner and from 12pm until we run out of diners for our famous Sunday roasts!

Our fingers are well and truly crossed, hoping that the numbers of new infections will continue to plummet in the U.K. and eventually further afield, so that our borders can start to re-open to all our customers!

Ring 675663, Messenger on or email

Best regards

Irene & Michael

PS We have decided to amend the opening date to the following Friday to give us more time to make sure we do it properly.