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Please Read our Terms and Condition of Booking.

Please Read our Term and Conditions before you make a reservation.

Throughout these conditions the words ‘We’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ refers to The Welbeck Hotel and the words ‘you’ or ‘yours’ refers to the named client who have made a booking for accommodation with us and all members of their party

  1. Brochure: The information contained in our brochure is correct at the date of publication (1st March 2001) but such information is subject to alteration with or without notice. Bookings for holidays advertised in the brochure are made by you
  2. Quotations: In the event of any written dispute written quotations will take presedence over those made verbally. Unless stated on your quotation, the price quoted will be subject to an increase only as a result in the governments taxes or charges or unavoidably price increase by the carrier or hirer. VAT has been calculated at 5% on accommodation and at 17.5% on other services.
  3. Booking Procedure: Bookings for all of our packages must be made by completing, signing and submitting our booking form, together with a payment for the deposit or by e-mail or fax or telephone. Bookings may be regarded as firm on our posting/e-mailing/faxing of confirmation. Bookings made by any other method will only be regarded as provisional and will be subject to submission of a complete booking form and payment as aforesaid. After a booking has been made, a priced confirmation shall be issued from us, showing any balance due from you with the payment dates. If necessary, a final invoice will be issued by us 8 weeks before your scheduled departure date in respect of any outstanding sums including any surcharges.
  4. Cancellation by you: Deposits paid to the Hotel are non-refundable unless covered by our insurance policy, and in the event of us being unable to let or part let the accommodation reserved by you, part or all your final balance is also non-refundable. If the booking is part of a package, then the A.T.O.L. registered operators rules apply.
  5. Cancellation by us: If we have to cancel the booking as a result of hostilities  political unrest of other circumstances amounting to ‘Force Majeure’ then we will inform you without delay and offer you a prompt and full refund.
  6. Occupation: Occupation of the accommodation commences as soon as the room is ready and not after 4pm on the day of arrival and 11.00am on the day of departure. You are welcome to use the hotel’s other facilities throughout the days of arrival and departure.
  7. Late Arrivals: Any additional expenses incurred by you so that you can travel in accordance with the notified arrangements are your sole responsibility. All hotel accommodation must be claimed for within 24 hours of the date booked unless prior notice is given.
  8. Complaints: If you have any reason for complaint contact the General Manager, Mr. George as soon as possible. Complaints after the end of your visit should be made in writing to the General Manager within 28 days of your departure. We cannot accept liability for claims received after this date. We will make every effort to settle a dispute as amicably and as quickly as possible.
  9. Refusal: We reserve the right to remove you from the hotel if your conduct is disruptive and affecting the enjoyment of other hotel clients. We will be under no liability for any extra costs incurred by you in such circumstances. If you are prevented from travelling because, in the opinion of any person in authority at the airport or harbour (including for example the Police, Pilot or Security Personnel), you appear by reason of intoxicating liquor or misuse of drugs, either to be unfit to travel or likely to cause discomfort or disturbance to other passengers, our responsibility for your journey and accommodation ceases. Our full cancellation charges will then apply, no refunds will be made and we will be under no obligation to you for any form of compensation.
  10. Access: We reserve the right of access to your accommodation in an emergency.
  11. Liability: It is an express condition of booking that, during your use of the accommodation and whilst you are travelling to and from home, we will be under no liability for any injury, loss, delay or damage which may be sustained by you or your property, whether such injury, loss, delay or damage is caused by our negligence, our servants or agents otherwise to full extent allowed by law. Also we cannot accept responsibility for acts of omissions of persons involved in your arrangements over whom we have no direct control and whom are not directly employed by us or engaged as our agents.
  12. Classification: The hotel is classified as ‘4 Crowns’ and rated ‘Highly Commended’, and holds a three star rating from the R.A.C. and A.A
  13. Travel and Car Hire: All the car hire, air and sea travel elements of our packages are subject to the rules and regulations of the hirer and/or carrier. Please note that airlines and ferry companies reserve the right to amend and/or cancel services with or without notice, and that such travel is subject to international treaties and regulations, some of which may limit liability.
  14. Insurance: Full details of our companies insurance are available on request. We strongly recommend you take out insurance cover.
  15. Pets: In the interests of hygiene we regret that animals(except guide dogs) are not permitted in the hotel.
  16. Contract Law: Any contract with us is made on the above terms and is subject to the Manx Law and Jurisdiction.


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