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Pub with No Beer?

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Following another breakdown with our local supplier’s beer production plant, we were in the rather embarrassing position of having no bitter this week for the bar.

Fortunately, these days, there is quite a wealth of Manx breweries: & the Old Laxey Brewery (Bosun Bitter,) not to mention of course Heron & Brearley which produces the Okells range.

In the past, despite the fact that in the Island, the ‘Isle of Man Pure Beer Act 1874’ means that Manx brewers can use nothing more than water, malt, sugar and hops in their brews, we have always shied away from using cask ales because of the care needed but more so because of the lack of shelf life as we don’t always have the greatest turnover in beer.

Apparently driven by demand from Wetherspoons, the UK pub chain, a spear system has been developed that means the barrel can be stood vertically instead of on its side and also increases the length of time it can be stored after tapping.

Therefore we decided on   (It had nothing to do with an afternoon sat drinking it in the Beer Garden in Port St Mary, honest) which is based in Jurby and hopefully will be installed next week.

Fortunately, Bushy’s has come to our rescue and we have a box of their ‘Bushy Tail’ behind the bar, settled and ready to drink.

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