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March News

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big girl

There has been some wet and windy weather on the Island over the last few weeks with some spectacularly beautiful parts of day peppered in between and it does make for some lovely views.

Above is a photograph of ‘Big Girl’ at the Dhoon which is certainly in full flow at the moment.

For any visitors who haven’t already been down there, it is a series of many waterfalls on a varying scale but well worth a walk down, though a certain level of mobility and fitness is necessary.

We have lunches this month 2nd March, 8th March, 9th March, as well as our Sunday lunches which are on every week and the restaurant which is open for dinner every night.

To ring and book on 675663 is great for lunch and all other services but for dinner and Sunday Lunch,  you could also use our online system

Unfortunately, the management at the nearby pool and gym which our residents have been able to use over the past 15 years or so has decided that they no longer wish to operate our agreement with very little notice, so after April 1st our contract expires.

We hope that you will still stay with stay with us and apologise if this change of circumstance causes you inconvenience but it is beyond our control.

Anyone who has pre-paid and wishes to cancel can do so free of charge before the end of the March.


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