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Posted on by in Hotel Accommodation

It is entirely understandable that local residents tend to forget the important contribution of tourism to the place where they live but it is vital that they appreciate what it does for them and this is much more than just fiscally.

Government actually calculates that our sector is worth only 2% to the economy but apparently, this is only looking at money earned in the accommodation sector and ignores the filter through the rest of the economy in terms of transport (internal & external,)  Manx National Heritage, use of restaurants, theatres, shops etc. etc and also other sectors which the hotels, guest houses, holiday apartments and all feed.

The fact is that visitors maintain the frequency of the timetables of the boat and plane companies.

We must improve numbers coming to the Island to maintain the leisure infra-structure which could not be supported by our population of 85,000 alone.

There is an excellent article in the Business Section of this week’s IOM Examiner in which some of the movers and shakers of our industry discuss these points.

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